There are two things worth living for, one is a good cigar, the other is a better one. ... Raul Julia

Happy Cigars Shop&Lounge - Lootsi 14, Tallinn (near terminal D)

Product prices and availability are subject to change.


Excellent selection of (mainly) Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars

Cigar accessories

Cutters, humidors, ash trays and other things necessary for a cigar friend


Pipes and tobacco

Rolling papers and tubes

Large selection of cigarette rolling papers and tubes


Whiskey, rum, gin, pisco ....

Gift sets

We have combined beautiful gift sets suitable for different events

Featured products



We offer different entertaining events that contain introductory lectures to the world of cigars, snacks&drinks and much more. Prices start from 25 euros per person. For information about different packages please write us at  

Tobacco products cannot be sent to private persons due to regulations. These can be collected only from our shop.

Lai valik

You will find a large selection of cigars from our shop.

Best offers

When you join Happy Cigars club you will join a range of offers to our friends. To join, contact us at


When placing the order you can choose to pay at site or according to invoice. Pre-paid products will be kept in our storage 6 months. Reserved products are kept for 1 month.

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